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Bitdefender Free Antivirus vs Fortinet Free
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For me Forticlient has the edge here in terms of stability and system impact. Its an endpoint solution for free however if you want to use EMS with it you need to pay for the forticlient ems.

Forticlient has cross platform support ipsec and ssl vpn (if you choose to use it) web filter and its user friendly. Light when scanning.

Features and signatures then Bitdefender has the edge.
Bitdefender free has AVC IDS and BHAVE which is their behaviour blocker and if I recall correctly http scanning however it also caused some slow downs on daily operations on my system (mid range system).

However when it comes to removal I have to be honest sometimes both are stubborn (both solutions)


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Bitdefender free I think is a bit more well rounded... awesome signatures, so-so on zero day and quite light on RAM.

FortiClient has great signatures but not very hot on zero day malware. Forticlient takes some resources, but is less buggy and more stable. Both are pretty good tho for free.

My question to MalwareTips friends,
How is Forticlients Firewall?


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I've tried both and didn´t like. Bitdefender has no configuration, and slowed my navigation. Fortclient blocked several legitimate sites here in my country (Brazil) and caused conflicts with some games.
Today I use ESS 9 which serves me very well.

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Both are very good products but, fortinet I see for more corporate use by the functions that handles, however, Bitdefender antivirus free is a simple inteface and time has engine efficiency. Bidefender and is designed for the user it can handle without fear.
I lean more by Bitdefender :)


What if I were to tell you, there is NO best? :rolleyes:

What Antivirus do you currently use, and why is it important for you to know which one is the better product?
I'm using Windows defender, I am interested to know which of the two antivirus is better or because I noticed that fortinet is doing very well, so I decided to run this thread to have other opinions.I know that no antivirus is the best, but I wanted more opinions as I said.

-Sorry for any grammatical mistakes I'm not native English speakers
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