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I've heard that Bitdefender was the best antivirus software out there so I decided to give the free version a try before I bought the paid version. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium [Up-to-date] and I experience three significant issues:

1) Once installed, I could no longer use CTRL + Shift + Esc to access the task manager. Actually, I couldn't even access the task manager at all. After I uninstalled the free version, I could access it again.

2) I couldn't shut down my computer. It would just freeze on a the desktop background screen and wouldn't do anything.

3) Chrome became extremely slow.

I'm not sure if there's a solution to these issues, but I'd love to hear it if so.
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1. Just to be certain you meant CTRL + ALT + DELETE to access the task manager? I wasn't sure if that way even works..?

2. Are you sure nothing got passed BD or the AV you had before maybe scan with Zemana..

3. Did BD install any extensions to chrome? Sometimes extensions can clutter your browser and cause more harm then good. Possible run CCleaner and see if that helps. :)
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@Leviathon ..
I have no experience with either Windows 7 or Bitdefender free antivirus..
..but I have found a few posts around the net...
I cannot guarantee that they will help, but it is worth a try:)

Bitdefender Incompatible With Asus Motherboard Software
If you have an ASUS Motherboard then uninstalling "ASUS AI Suite 3" may solve the problem.
Bitdefender forum

Mouse Freezes After Installing BitDefender Free, How to Fix it?
If you recently installed BitDefender free antivirus edition and since then your mouse has been acting up oddly, freezing when Windows starts or on a particular program, it is likely due to compatibility issue, corrupt installation, outdated OS, or outdated programs among other reasons.
Steps to fix this are at the following link:geekofast.com

What is the vsserv.exe process?
Vsserv.exe is the main Bitdefender process that provides continuous real-time protection against a wide range of malware threats and online attacks.
This process should run permanently on your system without being stopped. If you try to stop it, an error message will appear.
Note: Bitdefender is self-protecting all its files and processes to make sure no malware affects the product.
If you notice a significant slowdown and Task Manager indicates that the vsserv.exeprocess stays at 100% CPU usage, follow these steps: bitdefender.com/support

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I do have an Asus motherboard (Z77). I don't have any suite installed, just the bios.
In regards to ctrl+alt+esc, that is what I meant. In Windows 7, it opens task manager.

This is a relatively fresh install of Windows 7. Other then some very trusted programs, I have not downloaded anything suspicious.
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Have you tried..Antivirusinsider.com-How to repair Bitdefender 2016?

I also found...
Problems With Bd And Windows 7:
"I was running Windows 7 32bit, after format I installed 64bit version.
All seemed fine. But once I started installing drivers and finally installing BD. The freezes came back."

REPLY FROM TECHNICAL SUPPORT: "I see that you don't have Service Pack 1 installed on Windows 7. Please upgrade to SP 1, required for Bitdefender to work properly."
"Then, repair the Bitdefender product...."
Bitdefender forum

and this..but it is from 2012..
"I have been having chronic problems with slow downs and lock ups in Windows 7 ....
.. I have found no good answers but have discovered if I uninstall Bitdefender (not just Repair), then restart the computer, my problems are gone"

Bitdefender forum

I am sorry if I have been unable to help you..
It may be worth visiting..Bitdefender Support Center
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