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Level 24
Bitdefender is still heavy for me because of so high RAM Usage, when i installed giveaway version, i had problems with log in because interface didn't wanted show up. BD is full of glitches.
I had tested version 2018 and I had the same problems with you. Version 2019 except that it uses a lot of ram it does not delay the start of the computer and the applications. For total security is very lite. And the other bad thing is the web filtering not support the Opera browser


New Member
I installed bitdefender 2019 using the link given and got it for six months. but the problem started immediately after I restarted the system as I am unable to use any ssl websites as it displays a certificate error. then I found out that it is a general issue with bitdefender as reported by many users in the net and in bitdefender forum. if I disable ssl scan I can browse any ssl website in any of 3 borders namely Chrome, FF or Edge. But i see a big X Mark in bitdefender saying that software is at risk. WTH!?
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Level 1
Installed and enjoyed it until many of my apps were repeatedly quarantined for "Gen:atc4.detection" false positive. Tried to exclude after verifying false positive using VirusTotal, but quarantines reoccurred. Emsisoft using BD signatures never returned these scan results. Uninstalled BD out of extreme frustration and restored my pre-BD backup. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to evaluate it. It just didn't work out for me.


New Member
I recommend that you install Kaspersky (free or paid), I was with this same problem, when I bought (at the beginning of the year), the 2018 version was lighter for me, but then came "Bitdefender Total Security 2019", weighed even more, so for those who had weak PC (like me) do not recommend install. Bitdefender is good, yes !! , but for a person who has:

- Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) N2820 CPU at 2.13 GHz 2.13 GHz

- Internal memory (RAM): 4.00 GB (usable: 3.98 GB)

ends up being complicated, until it gave rise to the problem "100% HD" in my notebook !!
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New Member
is it ok? after finding a infected file. copy it in c:\windows\temp\temp****\ . it create infinitive files in c:\windows\temp\temp****\ . sorry bad english.