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What is wrong with this giveaway? I takes about 10 minutes to load a page. Then I put my email and clicked on ,,Ziskej,,. Nothing happens..... no information that key was sent. It is a Czech giveaway. I even tried with Czech Ip but still no result.
Same here!
Promotional page is brutally slow
Does not produce an email or a license.
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Wowzers! This promo isn't working so well... I have been waiting now for 15 minutes and nothing! I'm guessing someone is using a bot on there because things are moving sooooooo slooooooow! Crazy! I'll keep you posted if I can grab a key. Right now, I have been waiting far too long.


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Now, no key arrive.
The normal was key arrive to me after seconds, now no key received after hours.

May be work again !
Now a promotional page loads very fast but it gives me ,,Omlouváme se něco pokazilo s požadavkem , zkuste to prosím znovu,,. (Sorry something went wrong with the request, please try again")
Thanks to the user ,,lapepe,, who sent me a bitdefender key to PM yesterday
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