Poll Bitwarden Vault - Have you migrated from US to EU storage?

Have you migrated your Bitwarden Vault?

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  • Migrated to EU servers

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Jan 8, 2011
To find out if the vault is stored on EU or US servers, Bitwarden users may check the URL of the Bitwarden website:
New users should take note of the URL, or use the region selector on the sign-up page to make sure the server region is set correctly before continuing.

How to Migrate from US servers to EU servers, and vice versa​

Bitwarden notes that its server regions are "distinct cloud environments", which means that they are separate entities. The service's zero-knowledge encryption support prevents the organization's support from migrating vaults for customers from one server region to another.

This leaves a manual process for moving vaults. Here is how that is done:
  1. Sign-in to the current Bitwarden account and export all Vaults.
  2. Open the main webpage of the new server region and create a new account, using the same email address as the current account.
  3. Import the vault into the new account.
This is all that free Bitwarden users have to do to switch server regions. Paying Bitwarden customers need to contact support so that they may resume their subscription in the new region.\

Caveat: A word of warning!​

Migrating from one Bitwarden server location to another is possible, but it requires creating a new account, importing vault data into the new account and contacting Bitwarden support to get the license migrated as well, if a commercial version of the password management service is used.
Information via How to migrate your Bitwarden vaults from US to EU storage - gHacks Tech News
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