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“I’m seeing a lot of ads popping up in the corner of my screen, and the Malwarebytes scan does not show there is anything wrong. It says my computer is clean. So what’s happening?”

Our support team runs into questions like this regularly, but the volume seems to be increasing lately. In most of these cases, it helps to look at the “Notification permissions” of the browser displaying this annoying behavior. A good cleansing in that department might be just what you need to get rid of those “pop-ups.”

The problem is that the messages users are seeing are not pop-ups at all, but in fact “push notifications,” often referred to as simply “notifications.” We understand that naming them differently doesn’t make them any less annoying. But it does change our classification of such messages.


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This could be your ISP injecting ads in the traffic. If you visit HTTPS sites, you shouldn't have those ads. It's only on HTTP sites.
NB: My ISP did this too before it got blasted by the public.
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