what is the best browser security extensions ??

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Hi , Does WOTcan block malicious site or give rating only ?? what is the best browser security extensions between ( mcafee siteadvisor,norton safe web,avast! Online Security,bitdefender trafficlight) and does they daily updated ??

Koroke San

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Don't know about Wot but Bitdefender trafficlight blocks malicious & phishing sites if it's in bitdefender database. You can use Safe Preview addon to check links, it scans with McAfee, Norton, Wot, Avast online, Trustwave securebrowsing & Dr.Web. And there is NO SUCH ADDONS who can block completely malicious site. It depends on ur mouse click.
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Bitdefender Trafficlight. Works great. As of yet, I haven't been led to any infected site. Trafficlight blocked each and every link that looked suspicious.
Note: I don't visit a lot of unknown sites.

Like Karoke San said, it mostly depends on your mouse click. But anyways, Trafficlight works great. More than enough for normal users.

Don't know about WOT. Don't use that.


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None of the above. I have better hopes in another browser extension, that's currently in public beta.


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I guess if i had to choose between one of those it would be Bitdefender Trafficlight.


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Hi , Does WOT can block malicious site or give rating only ??
I've used WOT, and no it does not block sites, and it only gives user rating & opinions. It does however mark site hits after you've done a search, so when you either see a site listed beside red (bad) circle rating or a new site comes up with no ratings posted yet you can choose more wisely (similarly to UAC warnings) and just not <click>. If you already use NoScript you can click on a blocked site while *holding down shift* to view 5 different site rating links including McAffey SiteAdvisor & WOT first which refer to the site in question.:)
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