Which web browser would you chose when it comes to security ?

  • Google Chrome

    Votes: 40 32.5%
  • Internet Explorer

    Votes: 10 8.1%
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Votes: 59 48.0%
  • Other (specify in thread)

    Votes: 14 11.4%
  • Total voters
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Google Chrome seems to have some sort of scanning engine that is built in it. Whenever I download some files, it would block me from using it after the download has been completed as the files could be malicious. On the contrary, Firefox lets me download everything, which sometimes pleases me a lot since I need to download those files for some special reasons.


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why go with chrome, go with comodo if u like chrome cos atleast google isnt sping on you atleast
You don't have to being using Google Chrome to be spied on by Google. You're having a laugh if you think you can hide from Google, they've already probably visited the street* you live on.

Again, Comodo has it's own privacy issues with AdTrustMedia and PrivDog.

*Unless it's a private estate.


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well i dnt know what adtrustmedia is but i remove privdog anyways and the only extensions i use are lastpass,stayfocusd,adguard,blur,ghostery,click and clean kb ssl enforcer and porn blocker by cloudacl


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I would go for Slimjet, Comodo browsers use older version of Chromium. PaleMoon is another good browser because it is not bloated with useless things now that Firefox started adding crap all over the place.

There is difference between clean browser with and without addons.


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As for Malware websites filtering Chrome may be better then Firefox only if you use Firefox without malware-sites blocking addons. So if you use Firefox use something like BitDefender TrafficLight that blocks about 80% malware websites https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/trafficlight/ or http://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/trafficlight.html

Also ad-blocking addons like AdBlock,Adblock Plus and Ublock also have Malware blocking web filters but sometimes they are not enabled by default.

(Also if u looking for RAM/cpu friendly browser for old pcs use K-Meleon, dunno about K-Meleon web protection but K-Meleon is probably most ram friendly browser atm)

Also if u want to visit unknown websites use somethign like https://www.virustotal.com/ for link/url scanning
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As @hjlbx pointed out, all browsers are full of holes, so choose for other reasons (your preferences).

I choose Chrome because I like its features (extensions, integration w/google apps, cloud login so my phone and desktop and laptop all point to the same stuff, etc.--all the things Microsoft dropped the ball on) for its intended purpose. Then, I secure it as much as convenience allows.

Chrome is arguably more secure out of the box for the same reason it is a memory hog: no shared processes--every instance is run separately (look at the many chrome.exe entries in task manager after you've been browsing a while and if you go plugin-happy).


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If you really wanna have a decent security, you must uninstall any web-guard or browser plugin that is used by any AV. Next install Firefox or something similar.
Use the following addons: uBlock, HTTPS Everywhere, NoScript and Disconnect Search.
Do not trust BitDefender TrafficLight, Comodo PrivDog, WebOfTrust.


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Tip: If you use anyone else's website, you aren't "private".

What's wrong with BitDefender TrafficLight, Comodo PrivDog, WebOfTrust? (I really don't know...debating even using these)


If you mean security as privacy: firefox with privacy addons
If you mean security as malware/phishing: chrome blocks more links and is far better than firefox

So if you don't care that chrome make stats from your sites which you visit and you are more worried about malware, phishing, go chrome.
If you do not care about malware/phishing, and you are more worried because google can get stats from you, go firefox, installing privacy addons.
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