Do you use the built-in Windows 10 VPN client?

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What is it?
Effectively, it's a desktop client that helps you connect to a third-party VPN network separately. Yup, it's a container basically.
For Most People... It's Useless
We'll be blunt - the Windows 10 built-in VPN client isn't great for everyone. It needs a bit of technical knowledge as it asks you about protocol choices and other features that most VPN service clients don't bother asking any more. It feels like an unnecessary step because it is.

As you need to subscribe to a VPN anyhow to even use the Windows 10 option, most people may find it easier to just use that company's software. It's far simpler and more effective to use your chosen VPN's app instead as it's typically designed better and far quicker to use. Switching between servers will be quicker, and it's an all-around far smoother experience than using the Windows method.

For Some People... It's Useful
If you're technically minded and keen to avoid the potential bloat of having unnecessary apps installed, the Windows 10 VPN client does offer benefits.


Marko :)

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Just tried it; it's so good I had to restart my PC to remove created profiles. I don't know why, but it wouldn't let me disconnect from the server so I couldn't remove the profile until I restarted my PC.

Even though I like to have minimal number of software installed, I think I'll stick with the Windscribe app.


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As expected.