Level 2
Build 20.0.374

* Backup: Fixed an issue that caused an authentication failure on Google Drive for users with an active BullGuard Backup profile.

* Installer: Solved a case in which BullGuard Internet Security failed to detect the installation language for Windows-based systems with multiple language packs installed.

Game Booster: Fixed an issue that caused the Game Booster to incorrectly detect the DouyuLive streaming client as a game application.

* Secure Browser:
- Fixed an issue that caused the Secure Browser to incorrectly display in browsing history a website address previously added to Favorites.
- Fixed a display issue for website addresses added to Favorites in Secure Browser.
- Website addresses marked as insecure can no longer be added to the Secure Browser Favorites menu.


Level 32
Content Creator
Malware Tester
Still has a horrible GUI :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: