Video BullGuard Internet Security 2020 | A nice surprise from the guard dog

Warball Communauty

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Feb 20, 2020
Hello !

My review of BullGuard Internet Security 2020.

BullGuard is a company of English origin offering an antivirus solution for several years. Bitdefender-based engine and an Agnitum-based firewall occupy this software. For this 2020 version, BullGuard comes back in force with a VPN (based on NordVPN), more advanced detections in the Cloud and Deep Learning. The software proves to be ultra complete and simple. It is very light. Funnily enough, it is impossible to pass the software in English! Detection level, we are speechless... 100% in URL testing and 100% in Malware Pack testing! There are just a few improvements on Phishing to be perfect. A very good surprise, we highly recommend it!