Level 20
New features
  • macOS: Various improvements to dark mode support
  • Viewer: Dont generate covers for books that dont have a cover. Note that because of this all previously opened books will again be prepared for first time reading.
  • Viewer: Restore print to PDF functionality
  • Viewer: Allow also jumping to book positions in Goto->Location
  • Content server: When adding books and a duplicate is suspected provide more information about what books match the duplicate
  • FB2 Output: Speed up conversion of images and handle external links
  • Viewer: If the book has no ToC try to generate one from headings, if any.
    Closes tickets: 1847277
  • Viewer: Improve rendering of comics. No blank pages after large images or after every image in multi-page mode.
  • Viewer: Make it easier to use the bookmarks panel with only keyboard.
    Closes tickets: 1847423
  • Viewer: Set the classes calibre-viewer-paginated and calibre-viewer-scrolling on the <body> tag in Paged and Flow modes. This allows the User styles to target these modes, if needed.
    Closes tickets: 1847427
  • Viewer: Use the same loading spinner as is used by the rest of calibre
Bug fixes
  • Edit book: Fix a crash when editing CSS files caused by a behavior change in Qt 5.13.
    Closes tickets: 1846760
  • Fix a regression in 4.0 that broke rendering of PDF covers for PDF files that used JPEG2000 compression.
    Closes tickets: 1847567
  • Viewer: Fix a regression in 4.1 that broke creating new color schemes
    Closes tickets: 1847407
  • Viewer: Fix error while viewing books with a comment after a <meta> tag.
    Closes tickets: 1847977
  • Viewer: Fix an error when processing a CFI with an invalid text offset.
    Closes tickets: 1848320
  • Viewer: Fix scrolling backwards to previous chapter not always scrolling to the end of the chapter, if the chapter loads external resources.
    Closes tickets: 1847818
  • Viewer: Fix hang on books with namespaced attributes on <html> that do not belong to a known ebook namespace.
    Closes tickets: 1846886
  • Viewer: Fix search history not persisting between viewer restarts.
    Closes tickets: 1847976
  • Viewer: Fix scrollbar showing up on initial book open even if disabled in preferences.
    Closes tickets: 1847323
  • Viewer: Fix rendering of books with mathematics failing
  • Viewer: When changing between individual sections/chapters in the book, only render the new chapter after loading is complete
  • Viewer: Fix scrolling by screenfuls not working correctly in flow mode
  • EPUB 2 metadata: Fix obfuscated fonts being broken when updating metadata if the file uses Adobe font obfuscation and the identifier with the key has an uppercase UUID scheme name.
    Closes tickets: 1847890
  • Viewer: Fix right clicking on margins not showing controls
  • Viewer: Preselect text in search box when showing it.
    Closes tickets: 1847677
  • Viewer: Fix SVG images that use xlink:href to refer to paths not being displayed.
    Closes tickets: 1847181
  • Content server: Fix detection of iOS on iPAD with iOS 13 which defaults to desktop mode
  • Metadata jacket: Fix <br> tags in the comments not being rendered correctly when inserting the comments into the jacket page.
    Closes tickets: 1848327
  • Viewer: Show nicer error message for DRMed books
    Closes tickets: 1847468
  • Viewer: Fix preferences under Scrolling behavior not being saved correctly
  • Viewer: Fix remembered position sometimes off by one page in paged mode.
    Closes tickets: 1847322
  • Viewer: restrict max size of margin page turn indicators to 25px rather than 75px
  • Viewer: Dont flash the home page before loading a book if a book has been specified
  • Viewer: Fix ctrl+m shortcut not working on windows
  • Content server: Fix regression that caused series name in book details view not not be blue to indicate it is clickable
Improved news sources
  • Various Polish news sources
  • Il Sole 24 Ore
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