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Id say its out of eset or kaspersky

great web protection
Good for PUP etc
good firewall
fast at adding latest threats to sigs/cloud protection

not very good at 0 day prevention unless u wanna go with HIPS on interactive and firewall for maximum protection and tweak some settings.

Good web protection
very good at preventing 0 day malware with its BB and other features like application control etc
good sigs and cloud protection
good and solid firewall

bit more heavy compared to some other antivirus programs but worth it i guess for the protection it offers.

overall kaspersky suite would be my top dog when it comes to all around protection but also prevention of unknown malware

If downloading loads of files or just want to be more protection prevention wise from unknown malware etc just in case KIS you cant go wrong its solid and effective, how ever if you want very light but solid protection you can go eset but it lacks the 0 day prevention in most cases but its solid in preventing the infection in the first place if using common sense and be smart.

If you stick with eset, turn on runtime packets and advanced heuristics/dna sigs in the settings and potentially unsafe programs is on, also you can use HIPS in interactive mode if you want to have full control or just put it into smart mode.
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