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i hope somebody with more knowledge than me can give me a hint about mailbird.
While surfing the web i found
The best email clients for Windows 2016 – Matteo Spinelli's

The website states: "I installed the latest version and fired a packet sniffer.
If you don’t disable the usage sharing, Mailbird indeed sends analytics to mixpanel
and to one of their server hosted on unoeuro (a cheap 1-euro hosting service).

If you opt-out they don’t send data to mixpanel, but there’s still encrypted
communication with Funnily enough that same IP resolves to which was the domain that Mailbird previously used to leak data. I
can’t say what they are sharing, but surely the opt-out is not completely opting you out.

UPDATE: I’ve been contacted by Mailbird CTO, he ensures me that the connection to is used exclusively to check and confirm your software license
(if you purchased the application).
You’d think that at least they are storing information on a super secure dedicated
server, it turned out that the IP is shared with 41 more websites on unoeuro host."

I found the ip im my outbound wfc log also, after that my knowledge is too limited to
verify anything :D

So do i need to worry (and i should better look for another emailprogramm) or does
the website states pure bs?
(I really like all my emailaccounts displayed like its just one account in the inbox)


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Thanks for your answers :)
What i miss in Thunderbird is the option that all email accounts are shown in one inbox and one spam folder inbox. I know it's first world problems but i like it and opera mail got discontinued ^^.

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And how is Thunderbird, regarding security?
Thunderbird is not a less secure email client. On the contrary. The important thing is that the account you use allow the use of an encrypted connection and, therefore, of the SSL/TLS protocols.

Someone might have read long ago that Google considered TB not very safe because of the OAuth 2.0 authentication, an old problem, but simply Google wanted to force users using Gmail.


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Personally I was using Opera Mail years ago but in the last few years it has received the least attention from the developers that it is no longer promoted on the main opera website. I am using Thunderbird and I like it for it simply does the job. Regarding Mailbird, though I used the program before, I never was comfortable using it because I could not trust it. There is no specific reason but I have always believed that Mozilla TB is trustworthy and regulary updated.