Q&A Can Trend Micro IS be used alongside Comodo FW?

Discussion in 'Trend Micro' started by scoob95, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. scoob95

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    Feb 1, 2016
    I saw on Trend Micro page that their FW booster can integrate with any FW and i don't trust default windows FW that's why i asked
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  2. LabZero

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    Below are the key features of the Firewall booster:

    -Works with Windows Firewall.
    -Link to Windows Firewall provided within the configuration setting
    -Intrusion Detection System
    -Generic Stream Scan
    -Botnet detection

    I think you should disable Firewall booster and use only one firewall: Comodo in this case, to avoid overlap.

    FAQs about Firewall Booster | Trend Micro Security
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    I currently use Trend Micro and have only use it with the Windows Firewall for the reason is, that it has a firewall booster and have had no problems with it as of current. Now if you were still on Windows XP and using Trend, I would recommend Comodo's Firewall, but since I use Windows 10 I have only used the Windows Firewall. Like Klipsh said if you are going to use Comodo, then turn off the firewall booster and use Comodo, otherwise just keep it on and use the Windows Firewall.
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