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& if you gonna make fresh install, pls make "backup" ur important filehistory so you can restore them you new freshinstalled windows.
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Hello all,
Thank you very much for your help:)

I never try to reinstall Widows.
Can you tell me if after reinstalling Windows 10, I have to reinstall all my softwares ?

Thanks+++, my png and jpg problem is solved with your method:)
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Another question for you @Spawn
What do you mean when you say "I recommend to erase your Windows 8/8.1"? How can I do?

I run HitmanPro, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner and Avast but not Zemana...
Is it enough?

I tried this method but my apps are continuing to be blocked:(
If you run all above AV and they didn't find anything it's a very good sign.
I would still check with Zemana, it's free and takes max 5 min to test.
Start Zemana and run a scan, then select your c drive in explorer and right click "c" and select to scan with Zemana (this scan will take 5-10min).
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