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I wanted to try it out, but it doesn't start. I tried elevating it and using compatibility settings.
I read that it is 32bit only. I have 64bit system. (Windows 10 Pro) But shouldn't it be downward compatible?

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No you have to do it by myself way its just display full tree with all services and other files in your system.

If you wanna something automat, use casual scanner from antivirus or anti-malware where they also have engine/database to detect rootkit like Malwarebytes or Avira.

At last you can use yet tool from ESET SysInspector which have build white list which is more friendly for begginer than NVT Anti-Rootkit or Autorun from sysinternals.

But dunno how good is this software i didn't use it.
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Oh, ok. Then I don't really need this anyway. But I thought 32 bit programs can run under 64bit systems. Why doesn't this one?

I used SI autoruns before and checked my PC with malwarebyte rootkit after I couldn't launch NVTs.