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Jan 3, 2019
Operating System
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Edition
    System type
    64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
    Security Updates
    User Access Control
    Always Notify
    Network Security (Firewall)
    3rd-party Firewall app by a trusted vendor
    Device Security
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen (Windows 10)
  • User Account
    Sign-in Accounts
    Malware Testing
    I participate by downloading malware samples into an isolated VM environment
    Real-time Web & Malware Protection
    Kaspersky IS
    RTP - Custom security settings
  • Major changes for Increased security
  • Virus and Malware Removal Tools
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit,Hitman Pro,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
    Browsers and Extensions
    Google Chrome(x64),uBlock Origin,Popup Blcker(Strict)
    Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions
    uBlock Origin,Popup Blcker(Strict)
    Password Managers
  • None
  • Web Search
  • Google
  • System Utilities
    Shadow Defender,Privacy eraser,Unchecky
    Data Backup
    Macrium Reflect Free
    Frequency of Data backups
    System Backup
    Macrium Reflect Free
    Frequency of System backups

    Evjl's Rain

    Level 44
    Content Creator
    Malware Hunter
    Removed:Zemana Antimalware(Free)
    Added:Kaspersky Security Scan
    I missed this
    Kaspersky security scan doesn't remove malware after detection and you have to remove it manually
    kasperky virus removal tool can scan and remove but the scanning speed is painfully slow. Why not hitman pro + zemana + norton power eraser? I bet that when these 3 scanners finish, kaspersky still hasn't finished scaning yet :)
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