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CCAV and with CF and the CS configuration. I do not see it advisable. Both are based on the automatic Sanbox, you would have two Sanbox.
Unless you use only the Firewall and disable everything else in CF. It's not worth it from my perspective.
I do not know if someone has used both of them or I'm missing something?:unsure:


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comodo cloud av is outdated. It isnt updated since last year. They closed all ccav threads on the forum and i dont see the download link on the comodo main page anymore. seems like its another dead comodo product. I would not use it at all.
container is all that matters, theres people that prefer comodo firewall 10/11 over > 12 (current)

If youre worrying ccav is outdated, just go with comodo antivirus wich is ccav with advanced sandbox tweaks
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