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CCLEANER 2020 REPORT - Digital Crap Index

This report delivers information on what
today’s PCs look like and how they’re used,
cleaned, and updated. The data it contains
is compiled from survey responses from
a sample of over 10,000 CCleaner users
from the UK, US, France, Germany, and the
rest of the world, and some statistical, non-personal, global data from our desktop and
cloud-based applications.

Shoutout to CCleaner users with data collection turned on. All that statistical data is useful for the report and Avast's businesses. (y)

Jan Willy

Level 3
I was curious and tried to read the Ccleaner 2020 report. But Adguard (desktop) warned!

Adguard blocked.jpg

Besides that, Steven Blacks filter list (in this case in NextDNS) blocks related to Ccleaner ''.