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I use the portable version the most. Hardly ever do I use the actual installer on my computer. Stick with the portable!

Wise Care 365 Pro is very nice and often is given away through promotions. I have been using this much more than CCleaner now.
Can you exclude specific cookies from cleaning in Wise Care 365 like in CCleaner? That's the only reason why I haven't installed Wise Care


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You can exclude cookies,but not specific ones!
I don't believe that is correct (I use Wise Disk Cleaner, it should be the same). The way to exclude specific cookies is to run a full scan, and then inspect the scan results BEFORE cleaning. Individual cookies can be excluded by right-clicking the cookie found in the scan and selecting "Ignore this result". That cookie is then added as an Exclusion under Settings.

You can confirm the exclusion if you wish by re-scanning. The excluded cookie will not appear in the re-scan results.


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There's a test group in CCleaner where Avast is offered during installation - not everyone will get it.

This quote is from Desktop Project Manager of CCleaner
"The user has been included in a test group where Avast Antivirus is offered during the installation. If they wish to verify the installer hash for authenticity they should refer to this list: CCleaner v5.36"


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Ok, so I have been playing with WDC a bit and it actually works pretty well. Commands to run:
"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Wise\Wise Disk Cleaner\WiseDiskCleaner.exe" -a
"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Wise\Wise Disk Cleaner\WiseDiskCleaner.exe" -a -adv
You can export/import exclusions via menu or by backing up those files (config included).
%AppData%\Wise Disk Cleaner\Config.ini
%AppData%\Wise Disk Cleaner\Cookie.dat
%AppData%\Wise Disk Cleaner\exclusions.dat