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can not update
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
turned off all security software
For the first time when I open CC and it give me the message a new version is available , when I go to update, it shows an error. anyone eels seething on the new build?

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Level 1
This is false. It was temporarily malware and it has been fixed since. They've also analyzed the attack and determined that it was stopped before the stage 3 keylogger payload could be deployed.
It showed they didn't take their security serious enough and risked all their users being infected. Never use a product from Piriform again!


Level 24
Wise Disk Cleaner and Privacy Eraser get my vote for CCleaner alternative. In addition, you can use the built in Windows Disk Clean up which is more safer and reliable. I don't trust registry cleaner feature from any of these 3rd cleaner software because I have no idea what they are cleaning and why these keys detected need to be clean.


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Do they have a portable version?
Thanks but this Wilse Disk Cleaner is almost as malware as CCleaner. It added a context menu without even asking and that was from the portable version. Who's the developers behind this?

It seems very suspicious! Even had a ad-popper running javascript which crashed after closing the program.


Level 31
portableapps are a very reputable source. Seems very unlike portableapps to bundle other aspects into it's downloaders.