After months of design, development and testing we are very excited to announce that CCleaner v5.0 is available to download in Beta!

CCleaner v5.0 sees a change with a redesigned, modern interface. The current interface you know and love has remained largely the same since its first release almost 10 years ago, so we decided it was time to give it a fresh new look!

Our designer team have worked hard to bring CCleaner up-to-date while making sure it still felt like the same tool that our hundreds of millions of users love. We are extremely happy with the result, and we hope you are too!

For advanced users we have a beta version of CCleaner v5 available for you to download. (We don't recommend using this outside of test environments.)

Download CCleaner v5.0 Beta

This build includes just the interface change. The other features will be coming over the next week, with a final release build at the end of the month.


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Then ESET must detect also the stable version of CCleaner(4.xxx) always since it also randomly bundled Google Chrome ;) haha.

Not sure about this but once you have GC installed already there is no more notification installation in CCleaner which opposite when browser not installed.


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CCleaner has been adware since a long time, since it bundles Google Chrome. Use the portable version, which doesn't contain it.
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They say this release just includes interface change but it somehow works faster compare to the 4x version in my system :confused:


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CCleaner 5.x RTM will retain current features from the latest v4.x, including background monitoring?

Laughing at the comments about their Adware discoveries. As it's been said many times, it's nothing new. Of course, unless you've never used CCleaner - however, most people have. (Edit: No Chrome bundled with the installer, as I'm a current Chrome user... perhaps)

Note to avast! users with Hardened Mode on Moderate. Add CCleaner64.exe to the exclusions, for Windows 64-bit users.

Yes, a beta, but unpleasantly large navigation icons/buttons, and some other elements appear out of proportion. No depth to the program. :(



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what an ugly interface:confused:........i think i will move to other cleaning tool or use the windows default one....