Chat with Checkpoint AI(?) driven bot


Level 11
Aug 21, 2018
Hehe. ZA firewall components biggest fault always been that it cannot resolve any IPs. Which is a must for me, i do like to know, where my programs are connectin. Yes only a IP, not so difficult to inplement simple DNS query for ZA. TOP 2 firewall for otherwise. Along with Comodo, it uses its own firewall driver, rather than relys on the crappy windows one.

-Hi, is there a way in ZA Pro to resolve ip addresses

"yes there is, go to component control"

-what does component control has to do it with ip resolving?

"What do you mean about ip resolving?"

-well i do like to know resolve ip addresses

"i forward this to my supervisor"

- can you play a game of chess online with me?

"i know chess"

-yes or no?

"i forward this to my supervisor"

Then got i kicked out :D

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