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nice to see you having the phone :cool:

for other members: before buying any phone, please do a thorough research about it especially common hardware defects. Don't be like me and than regret that you spend your valuable money for $hitty faulty devices :(
I have a sony z3 tmobile (d6616) bought it 5-6 months ago. After 1 month of using, the touchscreen was much less responsive without any reason, no water, no magnetic, nothing. It was unusable then. after a week, I had to remove the thin film protector so it has been a bit usable until now
After 2 months, the charger died for no reason :mad:
also the camera has a brown tiny spot in the middle while taking photos in the dark
for all those reasons, I did some google search and saw that countless people had had the exact same problems (touchscreen, waterproof, easily broken backglass, camera dark spot,...)

I wish I could get rid of this crappy faulty phone but no budget to do so

I did some research for other sony phones (z3c, z5, z5c,..) they had the same issue with touchscreen unresponsiveness and a few other problems. Since z3 and z3c, there have been too many problems that didn't happen before

people please do not buy from this brand and also LG (G4, G5, v10, v20 permanent bootloop) because the failure rate is too high and you don't want to take risk
And then both Sony and LG are solid brands on the market....
But I agree, thorough research is vital!


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And how do u like it??
It's perfect! I can believe I'm saying this, but it is how it is. First of all the phone looks great and fits perfectly in the hand, no finger marks or anything. It's very responsive and there are no glitches when changing the apps, going back and forth. The camera is maybe a bit weaker in my opinion, but far from bad! There is enough room for everything I need and its software is already up-to-date!

I really recommend OnePlus to anyone with a tight budget and wish to have a professional phone!