Choosing an Android phone

Choosing an Android phone - What's most important to you? [Poll]

  • Battery (e.g. 5000mAh, Fast charging 65W, battery life)

  • Body (e.g. colors, dimensions, size, weight, protection, metallic)

  • Camera (e.g. wide, ultrawide, telephoto & macro lenses, resolution, image processing)

  • Display (e.g. Sumer AMOLED, 120 Hz, resolution, pixel density)

  • Memory (e.g. card slot, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB ROM, UFS 2.1)

  • Processor (e.g. CPU, GPU, chipset, Snapdragon/Mediatek version)

  • Sound (e.g. loudspeaker, 3.5mm jack, bitrate)

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Feb 26, 2021
I voted Processor but none of the options in the poll really matter that much to me.
What matters:
1. Must not be Apple.
2. Must not be ridiculously expensive.
Running a Pixel 5 now.

Agree. I have a pixel 6 pro, and 'm loving it! Software > hardware is the way it should be.

Evjl's Rain

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Apr 18, 2016
1. high-end processors (snapdragon 800 series): more powerful = longer life expectancy, but not buggy processors like 888, 8 gen 1, 810, 820
2. battery life: more capacity = more use time + less frequent battery replacement. 5000->4000: usable. 3500-> 2500 or less: unusable

I don't really care about other aspects but usually high-end phones have above average to great other things

1 more important thing: I will never update my phone to newer big android versions like from android 10 to 11. On all of my devices, updating makes them less smooth and drains more battery + sometimes, no way to go back to the original version. My galaxy s7 sd820 was almost 2 times faster when it was on android 6, compared to android 8. It was noticeably faster on android 7 compared to 8 after I downgraded it
forget about security. Usability, smoothness, battery life matter the most. These can be felt everyday, unlike security
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