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Best SSD Brand?

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Aug 2, 2015
I replied to this question a few days ago posted by someone else, but I don't mind doing it again.
1> Samsung
2> Seagate
those are my choices in order, Seagate is neck & neck with Samsung, but if it is for a Laptop
I would run with Samsung, for a PC I would run with this from Seagate: Seagate reveals world's fastest SSD
If you read that, you will see why ;)
Good Luck


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Mar 14, 2017
Samsung....all the way. Go Pro if you can to get that better endurance and speed. I have about 10 SSD drives and had my first one fail on my a couple months ago. It was only 11 months old and hadn't been used much but it had SMART errors. I contacted the website I bought it from and since it was still in warranty they replaced it with a brand new one! Very impressed.


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Jun 17, 2017
the prices are still pretty high for anything over 512GB can anyone recommend a good USB 3/USB c thunderbolt external solid state drive?


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Jul 1, 2017
I care about durability and random write speed. Usually if those are top, the rest of the SSD is top notch, too. I always keep my eye out for enterprise SSDs because I don't get why consumers deserve crappier controllers. Oh and always SLC > MLC > TLC. In fact, I would never buy a TLC SSD.


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May 15, 2017
Since you said its for older laptop, i will assume its SATA3 or SATA2 and regular 7mm (maybe 9mm?) laptop size slot.
Don't bother looking into mSata SSD (even if your laptop supports them) since they are pretty much obsolete and not really made any more going forward.
Regular laptop sized SSD are still being made, along with m.2 sata3 SSD for older style laptops.
Newer m.2 NVMe laptop SSD are much faster, BUT older laptops can't use them.
m.2 is the slot type, and can have either SATA3 connection or NVMe connection, but are NOT cross compatible with each other.

back when i was doing my research for SATA3 7mm regular laptop size SSD:
1) samsung 850 pro series 10yr warranty sata3 ssd BUT VERY expensive
2) samsung evo 850 5 yr warranty sata3 ssd BUT expensive
don't bother with samsung 750 evo series (google will tell you why)
those 2 are the top performing BUT most expensive sata3 ssd

3) Crucial mx300 series (what i bought)
(slightly slower speeds than samsung 850 pro/evo BUT in regular usage you likely wont notice much difference. Definitely will see a difference of some MB/s or IOPS if you are too much into benchmarks etc but i didn't care, price was more of a factor for me since I was also going to put it into a 2 year old laptop that i use all the time still since it still has decent specs otherwise. Am I happy with the purchase? hell yeah! maybe the samsung 850 evo would make things 1s or 2s faster BUT the difference in price was too much for me at the time of my purchase. My BIOS time according to windows 10 home task manager is like 3s i think. I noticed at the time that SSD prices had gone WAY up the past year or 2. I purchased i think march/april of this year 2017)

There was others (corsair neutron xti i think?) and some other companies that you normally wouldn't hear about unless you research computer parts like mobo/gfx/ram etc but the crucial mx300 was easier to buy for me.

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