Updates Chrome may soon check saved passwords for weaknesses


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Aug 17, 2014
by Martin Brinkmann on August 23, 2020 in Google Chrome

Most web browsers come with options to save account information, usually username and password, when users sign-up for new services or sign-in to a service.

Google's Chrome web browser and other Chromium-based browsers are no exception to that. Google started to integrated a password checker in the company's Chrome browser back in 2019 to alert users about passwords founds in leaks. The company released a Password Checkup extension initially but decided to integrate the functionality into Chrome natively.

The upcoming release of Google Chrome 87 improves the functionality further if everything goes according to plan. Google has integrated options to check for weak passwords in the latest Chrome Canary version. Chrome Canary is the cutting edge development version of Google Chrome.

For now, it is necessary to enable the feature on Chrome's experimental flags page. Note that the new feature requires that you sign-in to a Google Account in Chrome as you won't be able to use it otherwise.

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