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Google says all you have to do to get Chrome on Daydream is update to the latest version of the Chrome browser on your Android phone. It’s not clear yet which version it is that packs Daydream support, but it should be launching soon.

Via Google Chrome browser is now available in Daydream VR
Google Blog: Browse the web in VR: Chrome launches on Daydream View
[..] today, we’re launching Chrome on Google Daydream View and the Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream. So if you have one of these headsets, you can launch Chrome directly from your homepage to browse and interact with any webpage while in VR.

All the features you love on Chrome, from voice search to incognito mode to saved bookmarks, are now accessible on your Daydream headset. But we’ve also added a few Daydream-specific features, like “cinema mode” which optimizes web video for the best viewing experience in VR. With Chrome now integrated into Daydream, you can start browsing on your phone, whether it is reading your favorite news article or watching a YouTube video, and easily switch to your headset.