New Update Chrome strengthens security on Windows: Network Service gets its own sandbox


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Apr 24, 2016
Google is taking Chrome security to the next level on Windows by adding an extra layer of protection to the Network Service. This crucial background process, responsible for all your internet connections in Chrome, will be placed in a special sandbox environment.

This isolation aims to prevent harmful third-party code from tampering with the service, potentially enhancing your browsing security. Google is planning to introduce this security enhancement to the public with Chrome 122.

What is Network Service and what does it do?

The Network Service is an important background process that handles network connections and data in Chrome. It works tirelessly behind the scenes to:
  • Download website content like text, images, and videos.
  • Establish and maintain connections to websites you visit.
  • Handle data transfers smoothly and efficiently.
  • Perform various network-related tasks.


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May 13, 2017
I hope it will work in Edge, when I enable Network Service sandbox, I am automatically logged out everywhere, as if first party cookies are blocked. Once disabled, I am logged in without logging in.


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Jan 18, 2024

I had problems on Chrome logging in, because Chrome kept blocking third-party cookies (I had the pleasure of belonging to the 1% being selected for that experiment). After allowing all coolies, this problem disappeared.

Now watching Africa cup on laptop with below settings on Chrome

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