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What you need to know
  • Chuwi is working on a desktop PC that has an Xbox One S motherboard.
  • The device is called the AeroBox and runs on an A9-9820 chip.
  • The AeroBox is not currently for sale, though it is listed online.
Chuwi is working on a desktop PC called the AeroBox that is based on the Xbox One S. Chuwi has a reputation for creating unique hardware, and the AeroBox certainly fits into that category. It has an Xbox One S motherboard and runs an A9-9820 chip that Chuwi told TechRadar was a "new 7th-generation chip" that runs Windows 10.

TechRadar managed to find out some specs for the AeroBox. Its processor has eight cores, eight threads, and a 2.35GHz maximum frequency. Its processor pairs with a Radeon RX 350 GPU. The A9-9820 hasn't be announced previously, but TechRadar speculates that it is likely a part built for the Xbox One S. They also report that it's likely that the GPU of the device has been disabled and replaced with a discrete GPU.
The AeroBox has some design elements that show it's clearly inspired by the Xbox One S. Its white body has holes throughout the top in a way similar to the Xbox One S. It can also stand vertically or horizontally depending on the setup of your desk.

Chuwi told TechRadar that the AeroBox won't be available outside of Japan at launch.
Source: TechRadar (via Windows Central)