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Thanks for taking a look!
Very good config.

A few notes and additions:
You might want to add a firewall application, since Avast Free Antivirus does not include any network firewall or HIPS (behavior blocker) components. These components are an essential extra layer of security.
For these tasks, I would personally recommend COMODO Firewall (free) which contains three powerful security modules:
1. Network Firewall (allows you to control connections coming in or going out of your computer).
2. HIPS ("Host Intrusion Prevention System" checks any file for suspicious behavior and allows you to create rules for how that file should run and what it can do on your computer).
3. Sandbox (virtual environment for isolating unrecognized or potentially malicious applications, so that they cannot harm your actual system or files).
COMODO Firewall is an extremely powerful application, and with a little bit of configuration it can become a very effective security layer. In case you run into any trouble configuring COMODO Firewall, there are many COMODO users here on MalwareTips who are all eager to help. :p
If you see that you do not like COMODO Firewall, you may use Sandboxie as a virtual sandbox application for isolating suspicious files and running applications (e.g. browsers) securely in an isolated and protected environment, without having to worry that any malicious files may harm your computer. (note that Sandboxie does not provide a Network Filewall or a HIPS/behavior blocker)

If you want even more protection, you may consider these applications (optionally):
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (as an additional on-demand scanner - high detection rates for malware and very good at cleaning infections)
  • PrivaZer (additional tool for Privacy and Optimisation - a bit "safer" to use than CCleaner, it wouldn't hurt to use both CCleaner and PrivaZer for better cleanup)
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you have the minimum required.


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You may add a backup browser with same extension you use. ;)

Other than that you may download an enhancement tool for Windows Firewall like Windows Firewall Notifier or Tinywall for better simplified configuration as starting base. ;)

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I suggest you to install another on-demand scanner, for example MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free or SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition or Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
Then, another advice is to install a second browser, and PrivaZer, who works really good among with CCleaner, and it is useful to delete privacy traces.
Thanks for sharing your configuration!! ;)