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Some text of the main site made me suspicious, but I have shared the links for you to explore and make your own opinion. If deemed unsafe, thread will be removed.

Homepage: Cloudopt - Cloud Security Solutions|专业的云安全优化加速解决方案提供商
Protect your security in real time, prevent tracing, malicious domain names, filter banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads.

The most powerful security plugin in the Eastern Hemisphere, Cloudopt can effectively block all types of ads on all pages, phishing sites, phishing sites and phones.

Cloudopt Adblock can do this:
  1. Block common ads.
  2. Accelerate page loading, save bandwidth, block ads and pop-up windows.
  3. Block all spyware, adware, and dial-up installers.
  4. Protect your privacy by blocking common third-party tracking systems.
  5. Protect your against malicious and phishing attacks.
  6. Protect you from harassment and fraud.
  7. Block the script from the dangerous website to download something.

Install for 12+ browsers: Cloudopt Install

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Intercepting fraud phone
Effectively indentifying before the fraud phone and crank calls.
Sounds fishy to me, it is most likely to be a chinese extension that is going to make money with your browsing profile.

I cant say for now that it is dangerous but I would advise some caution while testing this one.

I would rather use MalwareBytes extension with uBlock Origin anyway ...