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Clover is working well for me Windows7 Ultimate. But going to try TabExplorer see if I like it better, thanks for both of these great things!;)
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Does it support Windows 8?

Supported OS:Windows 7/Windows Vista/WinXP/Windows 2000

I don't see windows 8 :(
I haven't tried it on Windows 8, go ahead and try to install it, if that don't work then right click on the installer- properties- compatibility- check runs this program in compatibility mode select Windows 7.

Enjoy!! :D
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Virus Alert! its a PUA virus and my windows explorer is aall messed up now

update: colours are starting to shift and everything is broken! now i hope Avira can still save my lil laptop
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I use Clover as my main Windows Explorer, and some antivirus (ZAM, for example) flag it as adware/pup/pua even the installer or main executable... I have to say that after installing I got some floating/pop-up small windows with annoying info in my bottom right screen, but I ran ZAM, and delete a pair of files (not all ZAM detections, because it would leave Clover unusable) and since then I don't get any pop-up window, and it works great here :)