Which one?

  • COMODO Secure DNS

    Votes: 11 52.4%
  • Norton DNS

    Votes: 10 47.6%
  • Total voters
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WinAndLinuxTutorials said:
I have tested Norton And COMODO Secure DNS against malicious links, and they performed very bad :huh:
That's the big problem with trying to blacklist malware URL's. It is just impossible to keep on top to them.

That is why I've always preferred to stick with my ISP's DNS and sit behind a HIPS. :)
I use Comodo DNS, see no slowdown at all and prefer to use it rather than the deafult ISP DNS. I assume that both of them are more or less the same in terms of being effective enough for the time being. But I like to think that Comodo will continue to strive in this area too and make it as best as they can.


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Would you agree that Norton DNS has more to offer (ie. more flexible)?

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i used Noton DNS and i didnt saw any major advantage over Comodo.

Comodo secure DNS has Site Inspector implemented and like Norton it also has a filter feature, so i stick with it.


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Kudos to that BoXX. If those are the only words he can say without properly explaining his reply then its meaningless.
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