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Hello to the guys on the forum.

I knew the Conficker worm wouldn't be a weird topic to this site....(Just came from reading this....

But I have been waging a war on it for close to exactly 3 years on my corporate network and it has been exhausting.We do have a couple of challenges,though:

-We still have legacy OS Machines around(Windows XP),as they run POS databases(Aloha).These have been the most infected in the majority of cases and I have managed to clean a few of them with a combination of Comodo IS,MBAM and HMP.

-We have many laptops abound and users bring their own USB for file management.I managed to catch a few users with infected pen drives....but I'm only one with security in mind,it seems.The PCs/laptops I currently configure and assign are protected with the corporate AV(Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.4,will update to 12.1.5 soon) Comodo FW and MCShield to run silently on the background....eradicating any threat without alerting the user.

-Of the Windows XP based machines on the network,we have DVR's(used for Casino Security),Servers(Windows Server 2003-Reaching EOL in 6 short months) and they have been a pain to work with.They host Payroll,Finance Apps....Daily needed.

I'm at my wit's end.What do I need to do to make short work of this nuisance from my domain? Network Scanners? Packet Tracers?