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I know exist a tool called defender configurator or something like that who allows configure defender in maximum seetings, changing police group and another things, i want to know if this program are good or are riskly, i want to know about your experiences whith this program ¿What is does whith defender?, ¿Defender increses it security?, ¿Can i config defender whitouth it?

ConfigureDefender: Windows Defender configuration tool - gHacks Tech News


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You can configure Defender without it, either by Powershell commands or by GroupPolicy. But it is more complicated that way.

If you use CD recommended settings, it is not dangerous. If you enable protections that are not on the recommended settings, it might interfere with some software. If that happens, you just untick the protection that caused issues, and all is well.

Be forewarned that Controlled Folder Access is one of Microsoft's most poorly implemented features. You might have to do a lot of whitelisting, depending on your software and user habits.


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Configure Defender is the easiest way to configure it. It is very easy to operate and takes only two minutes

It is a 100% safe and easy to use program.

@Andy Ful also created Hard_Configurator, which is an excellent tool to harden Windows, highly recommended for advanced users.
If you want to harden windows easily in follow up of Caballero el senor normal, just get nvt sys hardener and install it at stock settings for powerful hardening, pair it up. With nvt osarmor at stock settings for real-time unknown threats blocking an excellent signature less solution.


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I use Configure Defender in my current setup and it's very safe and easy to use. All it does is apply settings the MS has burried within W10 to further improve WD's overall security.

Like other have said, you can configure the exact same settings manually either via Powershell, registry, and/or group policy editor (will need atleast W10 Pro for this), however Configrue Defender makes it far easier to do. At the end of the day whether you use Configure Defender, or apply the settings manually, the results will be the same. All it really comes down to is whether you want to do it manually (will take longer), or do you just want to take like 5 secs and use Configure Defender to apply the same settings for you? Which ever route you decide to go, just remember to restart your computer in order for the settings to take effect.(y)


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