Congratulations to all! MalwareTips has more than 50.000 Members!


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May 9, 2014
Congrats to team MT members registered 5000 +'s me..(Good managed Forums admins)
and not using SMF Avast! forums vulnerable to hacks. so far i see, MT site secure enough..special thanks to Jack.

More details about XenForo (Paid version) you may go here
More details about SMF (Simple Machine Forums) (Free version), you go here Forums by XenForo..(quite secure)

Avast! SMF 2.0 2012 (not secure) (usually Lazy admins) check here

Compared with similar SMF used by Maher's Digital World Website See? check here
(Good enough Managed Admins) 2.0.7 2014 (quite good secure)

SMF 2.0 with copyright in the footer from 2012, let's say it would be the latest version released in 2012, which is 2.0.3 (November 16 2012), there have been various updates released since then.
In SMF 2.0.4 (February 1 2013) a "Quick fix for Admin Password Reset vulnerability reported by Raz0r" is also included in the changelog.
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