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Hi, newbie here :)

I've recently taken initiative to improve browser privacy and security by adding uBlock Origin, uMatrix and HTTPS Everywhere to my Chromium browser, but I'm not sure how to approach cookies and site data. I've set uMatrix to delete local storage content set by blocked hostnames, but what about site data not in blocked hostnames? This seems to accumulate quickly.

What I want to do here is block all sites from setting any data with the exception of sites which I need session cookies for logins. Would it be better to rather store these cookies and site data, and clear local storage on exiting the browser? Or is the entire concept of deleting data not in blocked hostnames just unnecessary?
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Cookies are harmless + block them will cause trouble to view the websites correctly , either go to Incognito Mode/Private Browsing/In Private where contents will not be save or assign the browser to close and clean them.
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