Advice Request Corsair AX760 ATX Full Modular vs XFX Pro 750W Black Edition Full Modular

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Mar 2, 2017
I never said digital speaker.
Oh wait! I know you didn't say that! My mistake for not being clear. :oops: Sorry for the confusion. Yes I know fully what DAC and ADC devices are for and how they work. And I know how our ears perceive sound (right or wrong). I emphasize "wrong" because sadly, many perceive loudness with quality when in actuality, SPLs (sound pressure levels) have very little to do with the quality of a speaker. It really has everything to do with distortion, or rather the lack of it. That is, quality refers to the ability to "reproduce" the sound exactly as it was "produced".

The point I poorly was trying to make is Logitech (and a bunch of others) call their speakers (including the Z-5500) "digital" speakers. And that bothers me because they market them as though that makes them superior to non-digital. Which of course, makes no sense.

A non-audiophile will "sense/hear" no difference between a $50 dollar "chain" or a $50.000 chain. So it's pointless for that person to buy expensive equipment (maybe just to show off).
For awhile there, I worked with the sound engineers for Mannheim Steamroller. They are homed here in the Omaha area and I got to know them when they setup for a concert for Offutt AFB personnel and I was responsible for interfacing their equipment with our PA systems (I'm a retired AF electronics tech). Fantastic experiences. Anyway, a couple of them did home theater installations when not touring. I got to help them setup a couple $50,000+ systems. And I assure you, you don't have to be an audiophile with a calibrated ear to hear the difference between a $50, $500, or even a $5000 system compared to a $50,000 system.
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