Review Crucial MX 500 1TB SSD Review – One Of The Best In Its Class


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Feb 4, 2016
Crucial, a subsidiary of Micron is a brand known for memory and storage for over a decade, has recently released its MX 500 SSDs which I took a look at the 500GB last month and was quite impressed, so impressed in fact that it is now currently my OS drive, at least until I get an NVMe drive with say the new Phison E12, but I digress.

We asked Crucial to take a look at the 1TB model and wanted to see if performance was more or less the same if so currently priced below $175 could be an even better value than the 500GB we looked at last month. With it only being a few dollars more than the Silicon Power 1TB A55, and around the same price as the SanDisk and WD Blue drives floating on Amazon while likely being a better performer.
The drive is currently available on Amazon for a really solid deal of $89.95 for the 500 GB version with the 250 GB version coming in at $64.99, our 1 TB coming in at the rather low $173, and finally, the 2 TB coming in at just under $400 compared to the 449.99 price point last month.