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Crystal Security BETA released

  • Improved search feature (directory search)
  • Added "Upload" checkbox for notification
  • Fixed tray icon issue (start-up)
  • Fixed cloud connectivity checker
  • Fixed bug in Active protection
  • Fixed several other reported bugs
  • Updated internal database
Known issue: Processes detection error
- This issue is under investigation

Screenshot of Notification (manual upload)

Two different types of downloads

Download installer version of Crystal Security
Download portable version of Crystal Security

Looking forward to your feedback. :)

Good work, you got a high download count :D


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Thank you for the quick answer Malware1 and Kardo.
I am very curious to watch a test of your product as with these databases Crystal security must have ultra high detection rate :)
I really appreciate your work, and i will definitely give a try to your product when it will be in final stage ;)