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the web is stating to wait for 48 hours i have requested myna and exterminator20 to provide me the key. please anyone of you help me pleasee.
tkrm, you need to read this....
If you are not an established member here I will no longer provide you with a key.Some members first post on this site is here asking for a key.One post would suffice and I would have gotten to you asap however some feel the need to post multiple replies and PM's.Myna was kind enough to provide some with keys also,some of who already received one from me.It is too bad a few ruin it for everyone.
Please refer to the forum rules on making multiple accounts/IP's.If it continues then this thread will be closed. Thanks
Since people are abusing the forum rules I won't be providing licenses to any new user. If you are new and you need a license, contact exterminator20.


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I know, I don't have lots of posts but I'm a regular visitor of this site since november. I signed up to the site with uk IP address but never got mail and my downloads section is still empty. Would be great if anyone got a spare key to give..

Thanks in advance.


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I have requested exterminator20 . I am sure he is going to provide me a key :)
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Sorry for violating rules , but I`ve got no choice... I`ve tried nearly 30 or more proxy plus SecurityKiss ip`s, Cyberghosts`, SurfEasyVpn`s, Hotspotshield`s but they all suck! Reliable vpn is a vital need for a journalist in Belarus, if you of course don`t want to be dropped in prison.
Help me ,please - it doesn`t cost much for you.
Sorry for my English.=)

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The Giveaway is for UK residents , if you are not you normally shouldn't have the right to have it.
Don't abuse our members kindness by keep asking keys multiple times; they will give you if they want/can.

Any further posts repeatedly asking for a key will be deleted.


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It appears that some members do not look through the entire thread before posting.I have no problem helping members out but when the forum rules are broken and members don't read what has already been posted then it becomes a problem.I am trying to distribute winning keys for an MT giveaway and I am receiving countless PM's from members with a couple posts asking for a key.Members creating multiple accounts to try and take advantage of those here who try and help members out.It has nothing to do with being cooperative.I asked that some make a post in 2 threads,simple enough at least I think so.Then i have members posting links to these 2 threads that are someone elses post :confused: Other members try and help and give a key to the same member I sent one to.These members never bother to decline it because they have already received one.I have said in this thread before,one post will suffice and if we can help you we will get to you.Other members ask for one and when they receive it they want another.If someone has been a member here for a long period of time but is not that active why should they not receive a key before a new member whose only posts have been in this thread or another asking for a key 2,3,4 times.
Bottom line is that this is an EXTERNAL GIVEAWAY.Instructions on how to obtain it are in the first 2 pages of this thread.It is for UK residents.Once again if some cannot figure it out then the thread will be closed.


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For new visitors, or returning members, please check the first post for details, HERE.

Offer expires in 20 days, on Friday 28th February 2014.

Important: This is an External Giveaway and therefore the Giveaway team cannot guarantee a license is available. Check the T&C of the Giveaway at the Promotional URL >

If you're a UK residence, you are more likely to receive a license. If not, then others have used proxies, but the chances are a hit-or-miss.

If you are new to CyberGhost VPN, I strongly suggest to trying their software beforehand. You can download their Free VPN package from their site > (Free Download button). No account is required for the free service, however this external giveaway requires an account to be created to validate the license key.

Also thanks to the members and Giveaway team who have helped out others.
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