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Rus Anca

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CyberGhost VPN Special Edition 1 Year FREE
Works up to 5 devices

CyberGhost has partnered up with to offer a one year free CyberGhost 5 Special Edition for you, which allows you to surf the Internet freely and anonymously, without bandwidth or traffic restrictions and you have access to servers from US, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

1.Go to promo page:
2.You will need to enter your email, and then click on the "Registrieren"button.
3.You will receive a link at your email address, and you will need to click on it, then you will receive your key and additional details.
4.Then just follow the link from the email you get and you will have your 1 year key.

Enjoy !

CyberGhost 5 is a VPN service, annual premium access.

The Premium subscription of CyberGhost 5 allows you to use any of 351 servers from across 24 countries (including Germany, USA, Romania, Czech Republic and Netherlands) with unlimited speed (no bandwidth limitation), unlimited use (no time limits), and encrypted connections.

This is a full 1 year license.

Time remaining:2 days 15 hours 58 minutes
No more keys left !

1.The keys can be activated only until 12.10.2014. Only one key per user can be retrieved.
2.The key can’t be activated if you already have an active subscription or you have used a promotional key in the past year.
3.Important: Please understand that they can't accept disposable e-mail addresses!

Users can't participate who have redeemed a promotional key already within the last 12 months, or use a current Premium or Premium Plus subscription.


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when I'm clicking on the link i don't know where to go in order to get the offer...can you help?
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Adhit Prakosho

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me too..

whether this promo is ongoing or has expired ? :)

sorry brother,

thanks, it works...
server is down, probably because many visitors or other possibilities:)
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Rus Anca

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1.Disable adblocker on the site to see the key.
2.It is working but sometimes page gets frozen inc getting activation code token system too due they may be getting too many request within short time.
3.Do not give up try few times refresh and restart the browser tag you get there.

1.Be careful disable your ad-blocker before going to the promotion page cause after enter the mail you may get the error!
2.Beside they intent to give one activation code per one IP Address !
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Works fine in the UK no VPN or Proxy needed, just needed an email address that has not been previously used, I used GMAIL


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We are pleased to offer you a 12-month Special Edition. Unlimited data volume and bandwidth as well as the access to servers in Germany, USA, Romania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands are some of the excellent features that await you

The Promo country 5.

Germany, USA, Romania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.
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