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Anyone had issues with the latest update (today) for this program. I did an auto update & Thor deleted it, so knowing it was pretty safe I re-installed it & again attempted an update this time HitManPro.alet quickly removed it. It's not easy to add exclusions to HitMan, so at this point the program is not installed. I contacted Cybertronsoft last time this happened with a form longer than my income tax returns yet never got an answer. CCleaner isn't perfect but don't show as adware. I'm not having this hassle everything a pay for program updates, I'll just go elsewhere.


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This is why I have updates turned off and use a 'carefully' vetted update once a year for products like this. It's almost trivial to capture their update channels and compromise them.

Remember, I disclosed here - a few weeks before the world went nuts about Ccleaner's compromise, FortiSandbox identified it as a compromised executable. Immediately I removed it, cancelled my Agomo accounts and ran away.. At the time it felt like paranoia, but after it felt good.

I use Privacy Eraser Pro (Paid), but again, have updates disabled. Maybe next year or the year after I will update it. Good luck serving me a compromised update given my paranoia about updates themselves. ;-)


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I've actually installed the working previous version & turned auto-update off as the changes on new updates are trivial anyway. Was just a little annoyed above after four installs, had a coffee since. Thanks!


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I don't use it anymore as I'm happy with Wise Cleaner. But I clearly remember getting warnings about it (can't remember which soft it was) when I installed it some time ago. Just manually update. Updating these cleaners isn't really important as most changes are kind of for the birds. People are still running quite old versions of CCleaner , for example. Disable HPA & Thor when re-installing since you trust this software.


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Not the exact program but once I downloaded another program and EAM told me that it had a cryptominer. I thought, no this must be a mistake but I let it delete the troublemaker anyway. Turns out during install, the installer was configured to launch the program with a cryptominer hidden. Don't rule it out yet. Maybe your AV sees something phony about the latest update.


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The file I downloaded from the official website was indeed bundled with adware:
It's not actually bundled with adware. The detection from Kasperksy is a false positive. When I scanned the installer a VirusTotal, Kaspersky detected it as not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.KuaiZip.gen. KuaiZip is a Chinese archiver, which has nothing to do with Privacy Eraser.

You need to consider too that most software detected as adware, does not come bundled with adware. The adware tag is often given to software which comes with a trial version which will scan for issues, but requires payment in order to fix them, e.g. a lot of cleaning and driver update software. I feel that often, such software would be better classified as PUPs.
I'm surprised that Kaspersky detects adware, yet others like ESET and Emsisoft don't.
While in this case, the detection is an obvious false positive, is has been my experience that Kaspersky detects much more unwanted software, than any other antivirus.