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Just tried to download their setup from the official developer website and clearly is packing Adware.

I invite anyone to try and confirm, Privacy Eraser: 1-click browsing history deletion, PC optimization & more
Or you could download from here:
Download Privacy Eraser - MajorGeeks
I was using Privacy Eraser before, but then I moved to Dism++, much more powerful (you can also remove the backup files that Windows keep after an update), but to be used with care
Dism++ | New Windows Utility
Thanks for showing these soft. Now I´m playing with them

I'm happy, I learn a lot here :)


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It's not actually bundled with adware. The detection from Kasperksy is a false positive. When I scanned the installer a VirusTotal, Kaspersky detected it as not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.KuaiZip.gen. KuaiZip is a Chinese archiver, which has nothing to do with Privacy Eraser.

You need to consider too that most software detected as adware, does not come bundled with adware. The adware tag is often given to software which comes with a trial version which will scan for issues, but requires payment in order to fix them, e.g. a lot of cleaning and driver update software. I feel that often, such software would be better classified as PUPs.

While in this case, the detection is an obvious false positive, is has been my experience that Kaspersky detects much more unwanted software, than any other antivirus.
Honestly, I will pay extra for an AV that can detect and surgically cut out the adware portion of a program. Not an FP to me. I would say 99% of the time, PUP is actually unwanted software.


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Maybe Cybertronsoft ought to offer a different download (clean) for paying (pro) customers, such 'Privazer' do as they aren't doing themselves any favours at the moment, esp. in light of many rightly so moving away from CCleaner. They ought to be coming across as squeaky clean & IMO it's a decent product if it wasn't that every piece of security software I own didn't try to remove it :) - Privazer email me whenever there is an update even though I don't use it any-more.
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Yes this only seems to affect 4.40, plus this is detected as Adware by more than just Kaspersky.

If you all still wanna risk it's on you, I'll only mention CCleaner (as people accused of being a FP as well, and we all know how that ended up).
Wise Disk Cleaner is another junks cleaner that I use along with Privacy Eraser. I know it is obsolete to have 2 junks cleaners, but since both are free and only run on demand why not use both.