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You can make your own suite, using Cylance, for example pair it with Hitman Pro alert and Heimdal Security for a more complete relatively light package then add a Gryphon Router to the mix and you should be well protected.


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Of the three alternatives you listed the only one I would use is Norton. The other two intercept your TLS traffic which has added additional vulnerabilities in the past. You can switch these features off, but do you really want to be using a vendor that's willing break something as fundamental to your browsing security and privacy as your encrypted web traffic?

Cylance is by far the lightest AV system I have ever used. The performance impact is negligible, and despite what people here are saying it will protect your system from malware just as good as the other suites. You can waste your time loading different sorts of security software on your system if you're very paranoid but you seem to know enough about computers to not need the additional protection. The only suite that adds any kind of useful features in terms of protection is Sophos, but the performance impact of their suite is so great that it dissuades me from using it. The only downside to Cylance is the interface is barebones and it's managed exclusivity from the web console.

As for the malwaretips test that one user mentioned. This test should should show you the kind of hackneyed lazy testing that was done. Many of these suites had syshardener installed which disassociates script files and prevents them for running. The user Evjl's Rain was one of the only users that included the number of files blocked by syshardener which puts the Cylance detection results at 10 and the Sophos result (without syshardener) at 9. Which is odd as Cylance is supposed to be the one with script blocking problems.

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