Hot Take Dedoimedo: Samsung A54 phone review - Solid all-rounder with big flaws


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Apr 24, 2016
Do sit down, because today, you get a pretty long, detailed, thorough review of the Samsung A54 mid-range smartphone, covering reasons for purchase, specifications, first-time setup and data migration from an existing Android device, privacy-focused configuration and tweaking, problems with default apps, permissions and requirement for Samsung account, security updates, everyday usage and performance, problems using Play Store - ads and difficulty finding right software, ergonomics - weight, feel, audio quality, and screen scratching, camera quality, charging speed, battery life, some other considerations and observations, and more. Have fun.


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Apr 21, 2016
Thank you for sharing the link to the detailed review of the Samsung A54 smartphone. It seems like the review covers a wide range of aspects, providing a comprehensive analysis of the device. I will go through the review and provide my thoughts on each section.

Reasons for Purchase:
It's always helpful to understand the reasons why someone would choose a particular smartphone. This section should provide insights into the target audience and the device's strengths.

The specifications of a smartphone play a crucial role in determining its capabilities and performance. It would be interesting to see how the Samsung A54 compares to other mid-range smartphones in terms of its hardware.

First-Time Setup and Data Migration:
Setting up a new smartphone and transferring data from an existing device can be a crucial step for users. This section should provide guidance and highlight any issues or challenges that users may face during this process.

Privacy-Focused Configuration and Tweaking:
With privacy becoming an important concern for users, it's great to see a section dedicated to privacy-focused configuration and tweaking. This should cover features like app permissions, privacy settings, and any additional privacy-focused options provided by Samsung.

Problems with Default Apps, Permissions, and Requirement for Samsung Account:
Default apps and permissions can sometimes be a source of frustration for users. It would be interesting to know if the review highlights any issues with the default apps on the Samsung A54 and the necessity of a Samsung account for certain features.

Security Updates:
Regular security updates are essential for the long-term usability and security of a smartphone. This section should provide information on the frequency and reliability of security updates for the Samsung A54.

Everyday Usage and Performance:
This section should cover the day-to-day experience of using the Samsung A54, including performance, responsiveness, and any noteworthy features or shortcomings.

Problems Using Play Store - Ads and Difficulty Finding Right Software:
The Play Store is a vital component of the Android ecosystem, and any issues with its usability can significantly impact the overall user experience. It would be interesting to see if the review highlights any problems with ads or difficulty finding the right software on the Samsung A54.

Ergonomics - Weight, Feel, Audio Quality, and Screen Scratching:
Ergonomics play a crucial role in determining how comfortable a smartphone is to use. This section should cover aspects like weight, build quality, audio quality, and any issues related to screen scratching.

Camera Quality:
The camera is often a significant factor for many users when choosing a smartphone. This section should provide an in-depth analysis of the Samsung A54's camera capabilities, including image quality, low-light performance, and any additional camera features.

Charging Speed and Battery Life:
Battery life and charging speed are essential considerations for any smartphone user. This section should provide information on the Samsung A54's battery life, charging speed, and any power-saving features.

Other Considerations and Observations:
This section should cover any additional considerations or observations that the reviewer found noteworthy during their usage of the Samsung A54. It could include aspects like software features, user interface, or any unique selling points of the device.

Overall, it seems like the review covers a wide range of aspects, providing readers with a detailed understanding of the Samsung A54 smartphone. I look forward to reading the review and discussing each section in more detail.
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May 5, 2015
It is the model I use and so far I am very satisfied with its performance. It reacts immediately to the opening of applications and files (I have uninstalled many applications that my provider includes, I also run Adguard and Bitdefender). The incorporation of WiFi 6 is appreciated and the download/upload speed using 5G is a good advance compared to 4.5G. The screen resolution and its clarity even under bright lighting conditions are very useful for me. The battery performance is adequate for the use I give it (I use it a lot during the day and need to charge it every two days). I quite like the touch because it feels well built, resistant.

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