New Update Device-wide VPN Pro now available in Opera GX for desktop


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Apr 21, 2016

So you’re serious about gaming, but are you also serious about your online security? Even if you haven’t thought about it too much, it might be a smart move to take your online security to the next level. With VPN Pro – now available in Opera GX – you get premium device-wide protection, fast VPN connections for better gaming experiences, plus smooth, secure gameplay with unlimited bandwidth. All for one low monthly price of just USD $5.99, or $1.99 at a 67% discount for a yearly subscription.

Whether you’re locked in an intense battle-royale match or waging a one-player campaign, it’s hard enough to avoid becoming a bullet sponge without having to worry about your online security. With VPN Pro in Opera GX, you get pro-level, device-wide protection and complete peace of mind, without compromising your speed or online performance.

When you’re playing multiplayer games at home or on unfamiliar public Wi-Fi networks, VPN Pro ensures your privacy and security, stopping websites and ads from identifying you and monitoring your online activity. VPN Pro’s no-log servers encrypt your VPN traffic, keeping your IP address and online identity private, so no one can see what you do online.

This extra layer of privacy and security allows you to play online with the peace of mind that your session is not going to be suddenly torpedoed by a player launching a DDoS attack on you. And being anonymous, you get improved protection from swatting – which is becoming increasingly prevalent within competitive online gaming.


Choosing between Free and Pro VPN solutions

Opera GX’s Free VPN is a built-in, unlimited and easy to use solution that protects you when browsing through Opera GX. When active, the VPN hides your physical location, making it more difficult to track your online behavior. The Free VPN is a no-log service, which means that the VPN servers do not log or retain any activity data, further protecting your privacy. However, the number of locations and servers to choose from is limited, and the protection is available only when you’re browsing through Opera GX.

VPN Pro, which is now also integrated with Opera GX, protects your entire setup, so no matter which application you use your internet traffic stays safer when passing through VPN Pro’s no-log servers, behind a wall of next-generation VPN encryption. Plus, you can secure up to six devices with one VPN Pro subscription, keeping you safe and secure whatever device you use.

In addition, VPN Pro lets you seamlessly switch between virtual locations around the world and hide your IP address. With 3,000+ private network servers in 30+ countries, you can stream videos, download files and browse privately with a speedy VPN connection.


Getting started with VPN Pro in Opera GX

To use VPN Pro, you just need to install the Opera GX browser on Windows or Mac, and then subscribe to VPN Pro and download the client app. The pricing options vary from $1.99 to $5.99, depending on the duration of the subscription, making VPN Pro in Opera GX one of the safest and most economical solutions on the market. With a simple click on the Opera VPN Badge in the Opera GX browser’s address bar, or via the tray icon, you can power-up your full protection at any moment.

Already subscribed and using VPN Pro on another device? VPN Pro lets you protect up to six devices with one subscription, so you can easily start using it in Opera GX on a new device by enabling it through your Opera account.

Opera GX is the only browser built specifically for gamers, and offers tons of customization options for visuals, sounds, and the ability to control your hardware’s RGB lighting. It also includes unique features like CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, which prevent lag so games run smoothly, while also providing integrated Discord and Twitch tabs in the sidebar to ensure players don’t miss a beat.

Find out more and try VPN Pro free for 7 days in Opera GX by visiting the VPN Pro in Opera GX website.

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