Latest Changes
Jan 1, 2019
Operating System
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Edition
System Architecture
64-bit OS
Security Updates
Automatic Updates - All security and feature updates
User Access Control
Always Notify
3rd-party Firewall - Network security provided by a trusted vendor
Device Security
Not applicable (Windows 7)
User Account
Administrator - User has complete control over the device
Recent Security Incidents
No malware or privacy issues
Malware Testing
None - No Malware on host PC or VM
Real-time Web & Malware Protection
ESET Internet Security + AppGuard
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection
Custom - Major changes for Increased Security
Custom Settings For Real-Time Protection Details
Custom HIPS and Firewall Rules in ESET
Custom rules in AppGuard
Virus and Malware Removal Tools
ESET SysInspector
Browsers and Extensions
Web Privacy
Avira Phantom Pro VPN + AdGuard for Desktop
Password Management
Default Web Search
System Utilities
NVT SysHardener + Shadow Defender
Data Backup
External HDD
Frequency of Data backups
System Backup
Windows Backup and Restore
Frequency of System backups
Computer Activity
Browsing Internet and email
Watch movies and other video content on the Internet
Computer Specifications
i5 7600K
ASRock Z270 Taichi
16GB Ram
Galax GTX 1070 Ti


Level 6
ESET and AppGuard damn, that's a fortress. Personally I wouldn't use CCleaner and would use something like Bleachbit but that's just my love for FOSS and staying as far away from Avast and their telemetry as possible. Mind PMing me those ESET rules?
I'll PM you my ESET configuration file. I have CCleaner blocked by ESET Firewall. You are right indeed friend, AppGuard and ESET make a solid combo while being extremely light.
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